“Validation” A Must Watch Video

Feb 01

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    Isaura says:

    Greetings from the Bow Valley!I’m writing on belhaf of my 9 month-old, six-toed, kitty named Smudge (she’d write herself, however, she’s busy digging a snow profile in the backyard at this very moment). Ever since Smudge was wee, she’s had dreams of doing something great; Something to give back to our community. As she was a rescue kitty herself, she naturally followed the calling to becoming an avalanche rescue cat so she could return the favour. She draws her inspiration from the parallel between her being dug out from a wild life of eating rotten food scraps and dealing with dirty matted fur, and her ability to dig others out from the cold, constrictive, nightmare of avalanche burial. Although her training has been informal so far, she shows extraordinary promise as a potential CARCA trainee. Each morning she practices digging me out from under the covers, and pouncing on my head when she finds me. She never misses. Also, her polydactylism makes her extra-efficient during snow travel and allows her to dig with the speed of 1.2 cats! She is a true leader on the sharp end of the rope.Please consider Smudge in your selection for the CARCA team. We are also interested in learning how to start a local Bow Valley Chapter. Thanks very much, Smudgey Von Poofy Pants (and Liza)

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