Why Most People Fail

Dec 26

It’s a pretty sad statistic, but the fact is  tha more than 95% of network marketers fail.

Why then should we attemp to find success in an industry where the odds appear to be stacked against us?



I can only tell you why I did. I didn’t focus on the failure rate. I focused on the success rate. I saw teh 5% as a very encouraging number. You see, those who are makiing it are making it BIG and are creating real wealth and freedom for themselves.  If hundreds of thousands of people are involved in this industry, that means that the small percent that achieve success every year, in REAL numbers, total in the thousands!


I have always been a person with a lot of drive and I believe my business skills are better than average so I figured I had a pretty good shot at being successful in this



On top of that, I figured that I could greatly improve those odds by making it a point to figutre out what the 5% were doing that was different than the overwhelming majority that were failing.


Well, I found out and it has catapulted my business. 


It has to do with developing the proper MINDSET and creating an effective MARKETING SYSTEM that TOGETHER overcome the two reasons why most people fail.


The two reasons most people fail are: 



  1. Lack of Quality of Prospects
  2. Lack of Quantity of Prospects


 So what is the MINDSET that the successful have? Its the millionaires mindset:; the mindset of someone who is already successful and it is the mindset of a LEADER.



What kind of marketing system are the successful using? There are actually a few but most common today among the big money earners are online marketing systems. These online, fully automated systems, capture the names and contact information of prospects who are already interested in what you have to offer.





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