Why People Will Join Your Network Marketing Business

Dec 24

There are really only two reasons why people will join your network marketing business opportunity and it’s not because of your product or your company. It’s because they are attracted to you, as a leader, or because of your marketing system.

Let’s look at the first reason. People are inherently attracted to leaders or people they perceive have a higher value than themselves. It is because they believe; they can learn from them and hopefully achieve greater success themselves.

Those who already have status in life, prior to joining a network marketing business opportunity, come in with an advantage. Have you ever noticed that doctors and chiropractors seem to have an easier time building big down-lines in health related network marketing companies? It is because they already have a following of people who look up to them.

The good new is that if you are not currently a leader or someone of status, you can develop into one and without much difficulty. There are many examples of people, who didn’t seem to have much going for them, who found great success in network marketing.

The second reason people will join your network marketing business opportunity is because of your marketing system. Many people are also inherently lazy and will look for the easiest path to achieving their goals. If you can present prospects with a successful marketing system, that is easy to duplicate, you’re going to enroll a lot of them to your network marketing business opportunity.


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